Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Review of The Pony Game by Fran Knight

My children's book The Pony Game draws from my childhood. It is based on my home, friends. pets and my personal experience of looking after a horse. I was pleased to find and read this review of The Pony Game. Just as I wanted to share a snippet of my children, I'd like to share this review with you.

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ReadPlus Review Blog - Jun 17 2008

The Pony Game by Robyn Opie

Lothian Children's Books, 2007 (Ages 7-10) The second in the Giggles Series from Lothian is absorbing.

Lucy wishes her dog, Beauty was a horse. Together they play the pony game, where she uses a tea towel on Beauty's back as a saddle and they frolic all over the back yard, imagining they are riding over the hills. When Lucy gets to look after a real horse for a week, she is too tired to play with Beauty and the dog feels neglected.

When the owner of the horse sees Lucy's dog she is just as jealous, because she cannot have a dog. Lucy realises that she has the best of both worlds.

Young readers will love this story and its illustrations and the ability to read it for themselves. The Giggles Series is sure to be a winner with the target audience.

Fran Knight
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