Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Congratulations to Dee White for her Fantastic Cyber Launch of Letters to Leonardo

What a wonderful way to celebrate the release of Letters to Leonardo, an exceptional new book by Dee White. Well done, Dee. Also congratulations to Sue Whiting and all the great staff at Walker books, as well as the fabulous Margaret Hamilton.

I enjoyed the Cyber Launch and participating in this exciting day. Hip hip hooray for Letters to Leonardo!

It's not too late to enjoy the Cyber Launch and have a sneak peak of the first chapter, now the book has been officially released. So hop on over to: http://deescribewriting.wordpress.com/

Hip hip hooray!

Robyn Opie


Dee White said...

Thanks Robyn,

We're really enjoying the celebrations. Sue and everyone at Walker and Margaret Hamilton have all been fantastic. I wanted to also mention Sherryl Clark because she had some very wise words for me about raising the stakes in YA fiction.

Thanks for being part of our Cyber Launch.

Hip hip hooray!

Dee and Matt:-)

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Scott the Childrens Books guy said...

It is always great to hear of new books. With 4 children I am always looking for something new and different to read. It is amazing how much time and effort was put into this book. Congratulations!

Robyn Opie said...

Thanks, Scott. It was fascinating to learn about the journey the author, Dee White, went through with this book. There are often stories behind the stories that are just as interesting. All the best!