Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Calamitous Queen Blog Tour With Ian Irvine

June 2011

Hysterical horror, hopeless heroes -

Grim and Grimmer 4

The Calamitous Queen

Publisher: Scholastic Australia
Paperback, 280 pages

Emajicka is marching on Grimmery with an army of a million Fey. Can things possibly get worse?

Yes, they can, for Ike is all alone. Mellie has gone, attempting to pull off the perfect crime. Lord Monty is at war with his reattached head. The beautiful sprite Mothooliel wants to steal Ike’s eyeballs, and Grogire the firewyrm plans to kill him in the most disgusting way.

Can Pook and Ike free the Collected children? Will Ike discover the secret of the Gate Guardians and clear his parents’ names in time to save Grimmery? Or will Spleen and Nuckl finally feast on Ike’s innards?

Brace yourselves for a wild ride.

  • "Fast and furious and very funny." Reading Time
  • "The funniest horror story you'll read in a long while." Good Reading
  • "Very funny, as well as dangerous, gory and grotty." www.aussiereviews.com
  • "Funny and fast paced. Recommended." Bookseller and Publisher.
  • "The fun explodes off every page." Richard Harland, international bestselling author of Worldshaker, www.richardharland.net
  • "A wonderful tale. Delightfully dark and delicious." Jacq Ellem, www.hittheroadjacq.com
  • "I gasped and laughed my way through these three books." Dee White, Kids' Book Capers.

Blog Tour Dates:

6 June 2011
Ian Irvine http://bloggingwithianirvine.blogspot.com

Introducing The Calamitous Queen blog tour

7 June 2011
Nords Wharf Public School https://www.det.nsw.edu.au/blog/437508-nordswharfschoollibraryboard/

Questions from students

8 June 2011
Susan Stephenson, The Book Chook http://www.thebookchook.com
Literacy and writing

9 June 2011
Catriona Hoy http://catrionahoy.blogspot.com/
Humour and writing

10 June 2011
Kid’s Book Capers – Dee White http://content.boomerangbooks.com.au/kids-book-capers-blog/
Review of book and interview

11 June 2011

Sally Murphy
The exciting (or otherwise) life of a writer

12 June 2011
Claire Saxby http://www.letshavewords.blogspot.com
Fun, fantasy, fiction: mix and stire (or how it all comes together)

13 June 2011
Alison Reynolds http://www.alisonreynolds.com.au/
Why Ian wrote this book...

14 June 2011
Dee White (deescribewriting blog) Tuesday Writing Tips http://deescribewriting.wordpress.com
Tips on how to finish a series

15 June 2011
St Joseph’s Primary School http://stjyear52011.blogspot.com
Questions from students

16 June 2011
Sheryl Gwyther http://sherylgwyther4kids.wordpress.com
The 10 best things about writing 'Grim and Grimmer' + things that almost drove you nuts!

17 June 2011
Braemar College, Christine Wilson http://cawilsontl.edublogs.org.virtural-blog-tour/
Questions from students

18 June 2011
Writing Children's Books with Robyn Opie http://www.robynopie.blogspot.com
The how-to's of writing a series

19 June 2011
Angela Sunde http://angelasunde.blogspot.com/
Where Ian's ideas for the series came from and how he knew there would be four books in it

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