Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bushland Lullaby Blog Tour with Sally Odgers, Author of 300+ Children's Books

Congratulations to Sally Odgers (author) and Lisa Stewart (illustrator) on the release of their beautiful picture book Bushland Lullaby.  

Description of Bushland Lullaby:
Asleep in a gently snoozing ball
Little possum's soft and small.
In a twisty tunnel and cosy bed
Little wombat rests his head.  

All the baby animals sleep soundly in the comfort of the bush.

Bushland Lullaby is published by Scholastic Australia 2012 ISBN: 9781742831770

To celebrate the release of Bushland Lullaby Sally will be touring the blogosphere. To follow Sally's blog tour, learn about her writing tips and this beautiful new picture book, please click on the links below.

Spinning Pearls – Sally Odgers
1st September 2012

Writing for Children – Peter Taylor
3rd September 2012

From Hook to Book – Chris Bell
7th September 2012

Kids’ Book Review – Tania McCartney
8th September 2012

Reading and Writing with Dale Harcombe
12th September 2012

School Magazine with Jackie Hosking
18th September 2012

Writing Children's Books with Robyn Opie Parnell
23rd September 2012

Please visit Sally's website to learn more about Sally Odgers, her books, manuscript assessments and a wonder of other information:

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