Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Five Star Review of Best Joke Ever

's review of my latest novel Best Joke Ever from Goodreads
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Read in November, 2012

Gary has three problems at school, Buzz Wilson, Lee Wang and Mr Pittman. Buzz and Lee make Gary’s school life hell. They never cease to seek out ways to embarrass and harass him. Bullies, it seems to Gary, never fight fair or lack imagination when it comes to finding ways to torture him.Mr Pittman makes life in the classroom dull. History is a subject that Gary finds uninspiring, that is until he comes up with a plan to raise his profile amongst his fellow students. Mr Pittman loves history and stories about Bushranger Willy. Gary knows that to fake anything about Bushranger Willy would lead to trouble. So he decides to make a fake treasure map to play a joke on Mr Pittman, and win favor with the class.

Gary makes up a plot that he hopes will whet Mr Pittman’s history appetite. Working on the map in secret, Gary is proud of his creation. He can hardly contain his eagerness when the class discovers the map. But not all goes to plan and he has to use his wits like never before to escape the chaos that follows.

Robyn Opie has penned a tale that all children will relate to. Bullies in the playground and seeking peer approval are part of growing up. Adults that read this story will find themselves transported back to their early years. The story is action packed with many twists and turns that always entertain.

"Best Joke Ever” shows that Robyn has strengthened her ability to write a story that entertains. I recommend this book to those children who seek an adventure when they read. They will not be disappointed.


Best Joke Ever! 
A new book for children aged 8 to 12 

By Robyn Opie Parnell

Published by R & R Books Film Music

Available now from Amazon Kindle 

R.R.P. $2.99



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