Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Spires of Kurrong Blog Tour With Debut Author Malcolm Wells

TITLE: The Spires of Kurrong
AUTHOR: Malcolm Wells
SBN: 978-0-9942463-1-8
FORMATS: Paperback and eBook
EXTENT: 244 pages
AU RRP: eBook: $4.99
                Paperback: $20.00
PUBLISHER: Morris Publishing Australia
CATEGORY: Sci Fi/fantasy
AUDIENCE:  Young Adult
Morris Publishing Australia
Paperback and eBook available on Morris Publishing’s website, Amazon and many online stores. 

For many generations the people of the spires believed they were the only living human race left on their planet. They had been told that Daemons had inhabited the planet surface and driven their ancestors into the domed cities. When Markus and Filona fall in love, they break the strict laws of the domes. Markus is son of the Prefect of Alpha Dome, Filona an innkeepers daughter and their union is forbidden.

The couple flee to the planet surface, despite thoughts of the dangers they might face. What they find there will astound them. The decisions they make for their future will have a dramatic effect on the whole planet.

Blog Tour Dates:

Feb 14th http://promotemeplease.blogspot.com

Feb 15th http://diannedibates.blogspot.com.au
Feb 16th http://www.morrispublishingaustralia.com/news-update-blog               
Feb 17th http://clancytucker.blogspot.com.au                                                          
Feb 18th http://aussiereviews.com                                                                            
Feb 19th http://www.robynopie.blogspot.com                                                          
Feb 20th http://elaineoustonauthor.com                                                                   
Feb 21st http://authorjillsmith.wordpress.com                                                         
Feb 28th http://losangzopa.wordpress.com                                                                

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