Friday, February 6, 2009

Announcing An Upcoming Blog Tour

Welcome to Writing Children's Books with Robyn Opie.

It is my pleasure to announce an upcoming blog tour with Sally Murphy, author of The Big Blowie. For more information about Sally and her books please visit her website

Here are the dates and venues for Sally Murphy's blog tour:

February 8 Dee Scribe Writing Blog - htttp://

February 9 Let’s have Words -

February 10 Writing Children's Books with Robyn Opie -

February 11 Spinning Pearls -

February 12 The Book Chook -

Sally Murphy will be answering questions about her latest book, The Big Blowie, as well as questions about how she became a writer, where she gets her ideas, how she works as a writer and her advice for anyone who wants to write a children's book and get it published.

The blog tour is only days away. We hope to see you soon.

Best wishes,
Robyn Opie

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