Thursday, February 19, 2009

Announcing an Upcoming Blog Tour

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I'm pleased to be involved in the blog tour of the Little Horrors series by Tiffany Mandrake.

Here is a little information about the series, supplied by the fabulous Tiffany Mandrake.

Three Scottish water hags, displaced by the draining of lochs and general failure of the fairy breed/human relationship, are on the point of giving up. There are no young bad fairies coming on, and all the GOOD fairies are doing sweet deeds without regards to the consequences.

One hag, Kirsty, discovers a single young bad fairy at Miss Kisses' Academy of Sweetness. This discovery leads her to band together with Maggie Nabbie and Auld Anni to create their own school - the Abademy of Badness.

The hags are bad fairies, but they are not evil. Their sense of justice means they will never try to change a good fairy into a bad one. Therefore, they devise a test for their candidates. Each likely little horror must create and submit an original act of badness to qualify for the Badge of Badness and enter the Abademy.

The hags stay out of this, but they do provide a fetch (imp, familiar) for each candidate. These critter-fae are imps with animal DNA. They are sharp witted, smart and bad to the bone.

Each story introduces a new main character, and charts her journey as a candidate. Flax is a feral fairy. Her act of badness is to kidnap a young film star and bamboozle two crooks... but that isn't how she wins her badge.

Mal de Mer the mermaid has her eyes set on ruining a marine theme park. Tikki Flicker the pixie bewilders a group of Pixiepackers and their Leader, while Nanda Gemdibbler the gnome (who really believes she is a GOOD fairy) leads a young human comprehensively up the garden path of wish fulfillment.

The stories are all self contained, but the three hags appear in each one. Occasionally, other characters appear in more than one book. Each tale is ostensibly told by Tiffany Mandrake, a human who lives in a cottage in the Abademy grounds. Tiff has a whole biography, but this is never mentioned in the stories. She plays no active part, but implies that the critter-fae act as her informants.

Flax the Feral Fairy and Mal the Mischievous Mermaid are published by Little Hare.

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See you soon!

Happy reading and writing!
Robyn Opie

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