Monday, October 6, 2014

Snap Magic Blog Tour Starts Next Monday

About Snap Magic

Something weird is going on...very weird. 
Long black hairs keep sprouting from Lily’s chin and her dad is looking more and more like a Yeti. Just what’s behind this fuzz fest? And is Lily really turning into a witch like her neighbor, Mrs Swan?
Now the prettiest and meanest girl in class is threatening to tell the whole school, including the cute new boy. Can Lily put her desperate plan into action before the school bully strikes?
And will the magical solution Mrs Swan offers work?
After all, what’s the worst that could happen?
A bewitchingly funny coming-­‐‑of-­‐‑age story about secrets, bullies and pumpkin soup – ideal for 9-­‐‑12 year olds.

“Snap Magic began while recalling embarrassing tween memories one Sunday morning amidst laughter and aha moments.” Angela Sunde

Edited by Catherine McCredie – former senior editor with Penguin Group Australia, specializing in children’s and young adult books.

About the Author

Angela Sunde is a Gold Coast based author who spent her childhood jumping puddles and climbing trees in her family’s vast orchard. Awarded a May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust Fellowship in 2013, Angela is the author of Pond Magic (Penguin Group Australia), and illustrator of The Coral Sea Monster – winner of the Write-­‐‑a-­‐‑Book-­‐‑in-­‐‑a-­‐‑Day Award 2011. Formerly an award-­‐‑winning language and literacy teacher, Angela enjoys helping others uncover the magic and humor in daily life through school and library workshops.
And she can still climb trees…

Angela Sunde is available for interview. Please contact her directly at

Blog Tour Details

Monday 13 October
Kids Book Review – Writing a sequel, how the two books are alike and different, working with the same editor

Tuesday 14 October 

Sheryl Gwyther – The pros and cons of independent publishing
Wednesday 15 October 
Robyn Opie Parnell – Interview about characters and/or themes

Karen Tyrell – A book review
Thursday 16 October
Alison Reynolds – Interview about the creative process
Friday 17 October
Chris Bell – Story vs character interview
Saturday 18 October
Dimity Powell and Boomerang Books – A book review
Sunday 19 October
Sandy Fussell & The Reading Stack – A book review & Questions 
Monday 20 October
Aussiereviews – Meet My Book Interview
Tuesday 21 October
Dee White – 5 tips on writing a sequel you’re independently publishing and a book review

November Robyn Opie Parnell – A book review

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